Thanksgiving Recipies

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These are some of our families favorite recipies and some I found in cookbooks and on the net. I think you will have some fun with these. Let me suggest that Pumpkin Cake. Ohhh me!! We have to make that at least a couple of times every fall. Try it with fresh pumpkin.

Main Dishes
Baked Corn
Green Bean Casserole, Honey Basted Turkey, Honey Ham, Sweet Potato Casserole

Apple Cider Pie, Cranberry-Nut Bread, Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Cake with Crean Cheese Icing, Pumpkin Cookies, Libby's Famous Pumpkin Pie

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Salads and Appetizers
Honey 'n' Spice Butter, Mickey's Cheese Ball


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I have included many of my favorite things about Thanksgiving on the following pages. Enjoy your visit. (1205 bytes) Thanksgiving
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